Ship or Sheep? - TV advertisement for 'Onwash' - Unit 8 / Скачать минусовка tv or radio

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Текст песни TV advertisement for 'Onwash' - Unit 8

VOICE A What's wrong with you, Mrs Bloggs?
MRS BLOGGS What's wrong with me? I want a holiday from this horrible job of washing socks
VOICE B Buy a bottle of 'Onwash', Mrs Bloggs
VOICE C 'Onwash' is so soft and strong
VOICE D You don't want lots of hot water with 'Onwash'
VOICE A lt's not a long job with 'Onwash'.
VOICE B Use 'Onwash' often.
VOICE C You won't be sorry when you've got 'Onwash'.
VOICE D Everybody wants 'Onwash'.
EVERYBODY 'Onwash' is so popular
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